BlogRoll Update

Added Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Nick Norelli is a fellow Charismatic, and a great Thinker (I’ll let him decide just how Weird).  I truly enjoy his site, great blog, with lots of thought provoking articles. I enjoy his attitude, and his dedication to Christ.

Also stop by and visit Ron Simpkins.  He is a great Weird Thinker-Christian.  He does not post often but does write some very fascinating articles.  We are great friends, and the last 5 years he has inspired me to die and live for Christ more than any other.  Some of the recent posts are from his upcoming new book.


2 Responses

  1. I agree. Ron Simpkins doesn’t post enough.
    Glad you are starting to post more. Been enjoying your thoughts.

  2. Zack,

    Great to hear from you! I’ll add you to my Blogroll. Well Ron is just on the road to much. He is going to be at our church for a couple of services. I’ll bring it to him some more and see if I can get him to commit to blogging more regularly.

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