Why Ron Simpkins is my Friend

I think through the years of the many friendships that I have had, some of my best friends have gone on to the next journey of life. In recent years I have had the privilege of making various new friends, really great friends. But Ron Simpkins stands out above the rest. I am not saying anything else that others have not already echoed. Ron is one of those persons that you just gravitate to.

What is about him? Is it his sense of humor (which is really wicked)? Is it his wit and genius? Is it that he is a great story teller? Great Preacher? Historian? Author? Is it his passion for

Ron Simpkins

God that just makes me want to be a better Christian? Or maybe he just loves people, and seeks out friendships and makes you feel like you are important, and he values your friendship? When I stop and think about it, he has way more friends than I do, but yet I feel like I am his best friend in the world (I know I am not). Maybe most of us don’t have a lot of friends because we don’t pursue them. Ron does not blog as often as I like him to, but he blogs the old fashion way, he picks up a phone, he visits a friend, he stays out late over some coffee and just talks. Maybe if I made an effort like Ron, I would be somebody’s best friend.

I am thinking about this because the other night we had one of Ron’s friends minster at our church. Kerry Rhethadle, District Supervisor, Denver Co, Foursquare Church. We talked a bit before church, and then afterwards went out and had a late dinner. We talked and had this great time, as if we knew each other for years.

You see, Ron was the wireless connection known as Friends. He knew that his buddy was coming to California for a FourSquare Minsters Convention, and he told him you have to call Pastor Omar Lopez (he and Omar are great friends). Then he called Pastor Omar, and said you have to have him at your church, and spend sometime with this guy he is great. Without question, in a last minute notice Kerry was at our Church ministering.

Ron has his own Blogroll it’s called relationships. I have made some new friends through blogging, or at least acquaintances. And have connected with others through BlogRolls. Some post their photos, so you get an idea what they look like. But yet there is something about that face to face contact, the voice, the smile, the eyes, that you just don’t get when you are on the net.

Why is Ron my friend? Because at his core he loves people, not because of what he sees in me, but who he is on the inside. Stop blogging for a bit call a old friend, make a new friend at church ask them out for some coffee or dinner.


2 Responses

  1. Susan Simpkins (another beautiful saint) sent me this… I agree with you whole heartily brother. I came to Denver with my exhusband 17yrs ago and immediately fell in love with Pastor Simpkins. He is my spiritual Daddy. I remember like a little girl, I wanted to grow up and be like him and like every little girl (even to this day) I still melt when I see his big smile, with open arms, greet me as a daughter. Through the past few years, my children (4 total) and I have gone through some sad times with divorce and starting over, yet Pastor has always loved us. Some in church have even said he favors me and my children. I don’t think that’s the case. I just believe Pastor is genuine and responds and connects greatly to those whom are genuine as well. Recently, with life as it can be, my children (who are adult and teens) and I have become somewhat disconnect with the church body and have pondered the possibility of maybe needing a different church. But, NEVER… that would be like saying we need a different daddy…with that in mind and heart, we pray and re-connect, and again are in agreement and assured that we are home!
    As such, when I read your blog, my heart was blessed and I was compelled to write back. As and addition, I’m sure your aware, Susan Simpkins is his perfect accompaniment. I have witnessed the two of them grow and mold together as one like no other couple. They are trully a match made in heaven. My children and I call ourselves blessed to have Pastor Simpkins and SuzyQ as our spiritial parents. God Bless you and yours Robert, and thank you for the joy you have brought to my spirit this day. ~Jamie

  2. Hello Jamie,

    I know Susan very well, she opened up her home to me while I was at Denver for week, she is Ron’s truly better half 😉

    There have been many people that have influenced my life in the last 10 years, but no one has as much as good ole’ Ronnie. Back here at our church we all call him Uncle Ron. He’s like that, he wants more than friendship, family is very important to him. When he is town he will stay at our home, and I see him often calling Susan, touching base, in the morning, and evenings right after service, she is on his mind, and heart.

    I am glad that you were able to read this. I know that his home, and his church make huge sacrifices to release him and let him do what he knows that God has called him to do. I know you all miss him very much when he is gone, but trust me it is for a great cause. I watch him, and he is always having a good time, just having fun. Sometimes I think that he just does not realize what a amazing impact he is having on peoples lives.

    What a great example of Christ he is to all of us.

    Thanks for stopping by, stop by often and stop by Pastor Ron’s blog, I am sure he would love to hear form you there as well.

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