Justice League: The New Frontier

I am a big Comic Book fan, and this should be really awesome! It is out tomorrow.


3 Responses

  1. Watched this yesterday with my son, and it was very good. The animation was top notch. The story was fun, and kept a nice pace.

    It was much better than the stupid Superman Returns movie. At best that was a tribute to Christopher Reeves, but the movie did not offer much more. I hope someday they will make a great superman movie, one that follows the comics much better.

  2. I’m looking forward to this, too. I notice that it’s available in high def.

  3. Yeah, they also announced in the special feature that a new Batman Animation direct to DVD is slated for this June. It will be Japanese-Animated style (Anime) current title “Batman: Gotham Knight’s” From what I saw it should be good, although I was a bit confused it sounds like it’s going to be a collection of 6 shorts, some of the animation that they showed did not look like Anime.

    Wikipedia already has an entry, also doing a google search on “batman animation 2008” or “Batman Gotham Knight’s” should give you plenty to read.

    This is currently available at YouTube don’t know for how long but it is from the DVD.

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