Historical Reliability of the Gospels

I am taking this course with Dr. Craig L. Blomberg author of the book “The Historical Reliability of the Gospels” It is a total of 16 hours of lecture crammed into 3 days.  If any of you have a specific question that you would like me to ask Dr. Blomberg please posted it here and I will respond with his answer.  I know that this goes without saying but please only post questions as it relates to the subject.

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  1. In the 70s, Josh McDowell published a book on the subject. I don’t have it close at hand, but he cited statistics about the number of earliest NT copies that we have in hand, how we do translations directly from those manuscripts, how they agree to some high percentage with one another (Suggesting common original sources), and that there’s evidence these manuscripts date very early, not far from the time the original was written. I was wondering if you could get an update on these stats. They are helpful to those who say we now read “a copy of a copy of a copy” of the original, etc. etc.

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