Does Historic Christianity Matter?

There is some great dialog going on at Parachment and Pen on the topic of Historic Christianity. I think it has jump around a bit, as most blog responses due, but the title of the blog was “How Many Beliefs Can One Abandon and Still be Called Christian?” Which people seem to have got hung up on.

This is a topic that I have been thinking much about. In light of recent issues such as Openess Theology, Preterism, etc how do we defend Historic Christianity?

Michael in his blog raises some serious questions for us to think about.

There are a lot of beliefs being abandoned today as people question “established” traditional Christianity…

Most of those who would deny a traditional Christian doctrine do so believing that they are reading the Bible more faithfully than those who have gone before them. In other words, they are not always denying the truthfulness of Scripture, but the truthfulness of “orthodoxy” as defined by historic Christianity. In their mind, they are restoring the true intent and teachings of Scripture by abandoning the views of the historic Christian faith.

That is the attitude I have received when speaking with Preterist, and Open theist. But isn’t this the same line of reasoning that the restorationist churches of the nineteenth century such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Disciples of Christ have taken?

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  1. Hello Robert!

    Interesting topic, one that I have found interesting of late. It is my opinion that many modern evangelicals have close no knowledge of historic Christianity. For many, Christianity doesn’t go any further back than the Jesus Movement of the late 60’s. The history of the Church is and should be seen with more importance by any believer. There are many heresies that have already been dealt with such as the Open View or Open Theism(read The Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards), Gnosticism which can be seen with the Emergent Movement, (full)Preterism was dealt with by Paul in his second letter to Timothy or even the Council of Dort proclaiming that Arminianism was heretical.

    we know much because we stand on the shoulders of giants that came before us

  2. Jesus,

    Michael Patton has started a new series over at Parchment and Pen, which is dealing more specifically with this issue. I encourage all interested in this topic to go and follow his line of reasoning on this subject. I will post now and then some of his topics, and try to narrow down some of the issues. They get a lot of hits and sometime the issue gets lost in the details.

  3. Thanks for the info. It is an interesting post. I have recently in the last few years been learning more about the early church fathers. Fascinating stuff and I would try to learn more about them in the future. However, they do not have all the answers (as I blogged about previously).

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