Holman Legacy CSB Bible

This is by far one of the nicest bibles that I own. I was not sure if I was going to like this bible, and it was a risk since I do prefer smaller size bibles. Plus this one was stated as being Large Print, which made me a bit nervous.

However to my surprise it is not to big, honestly still getting use to it, but I am really starting to get comfortable with it’s size ( 10.4 x 7.1 x 1.3 inches).

Official Name: Holman CSB Legacy UltraThin Reference Bible

Description: Genuine Cowhide Leather, Large Print Edition, Words of Christ in Red, Two Ribbon Markers, Bonded leather Lined, Center Column References & a Lifetime Guarantee

The first drawback. It only came with One Ribbon, even though it is offered with two. I contacted Holman Publishers about this, and they were very kind and apologized and offered me an exchange. I didn’t because I felt that it was not worth the effort, and that would have meant for me to part with my new bible, and I was not willing to do so πŸ˜‰ I did let them know how disappointed I was. After all this is the highest quality bible that you you can buy from Holman.

The second drawback is the box that it came in, it’s just a regular box, nothing fancy other than the printing on it. This bible retails at $100.00. I have purchased two other high quality bibles a NLT, and ESV, and both came with exceptional boxes. The NLT came in bonded leather box, and the ESV came in a hard box, with magnetic side.

The third drawback, there is some bleed through on the pages, but not enough to bother me, or be a distraction when reading or studying.

Ok, so those are the only drawbacks for me. The bible is made out of Genuine Cowhide Leather. Now I did not know that you can get cowhide this soft and supple. It is as soft, and supple as the Calfskin ESV that I own. The leather as you can see in the photos below has a very nice texture.

The pages are nice and white, the large print is not as big as I thought (font 10.5 if that means anything to you). Actually I like the font size much more than I thought I was.

It comes with a the detail spine, which I really like, it gives the bible an extra nice look. My understanding is that at one point this was due to how they would bind them, but now it’s just cosmetics (and it does look great).

It only comes in black, for those of you that like other colors, sorry.

Holman Legacy HCSB Bible

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  1. […] Sonya Feher wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThis is by far one of the nicest bibles that I own. I was not sure if I was going to like this bible, and it was a risk since I do prefer smaller size bibles. Plus this one was stated as being Large Print, which made me a bit nervous. However to my surprise it is not to big, honestly still getting use to it, but I am really starting to get comfortable with it’s size ( 10.4 x 7.1 x 1.3 inches). Official Name: Holman CSB Legacy UltraThin Reference Bible Description: Genuine Cowhide Leather, Large Print Edition, Words of Christ in Red, Two Ribbon Markers, Bonded leather Lined, Center Column References & a Lifetime Guarantee […]

  2. Looks great, Robert! I have this large-print edition in bonded leather, but have to agree that there’s something special about the premium editions. I still don’t like the font face used for the text, but the overall page layout is very agreeable with the larger point size. And what a nice touch that the front cover is blank!

  3. Robert,

    After reviewing your photos, I went back over to the local Lifeway because I had looked at these “premium” Bibles previously and remember them as being stiff and looking almost bonded. The Holman Legacy NIV and KJV, which came out in 2001, were outstanding and listed for $150. They were “genuine morocco” as opposed to the “cowhide” used now. Unfortunately, I failed to buy one one of these in 2001 and the only available one on the internet is listed at $225. So when Holman published another Legacy series (this time in HCSB), I decided I was going to buy one. When they arrived at the bookstore, I immediately went and looked and they were awful. Instead, I purchased the Minister’s Bible (because it was single-column). Now I see your pictures and yours looks like calfskin. I have the Legacy RVR, published in 2002, and the binding is supple and nice and looks almost identical to yours. The Legacy RVR (a Spanish Bible) appears to be calfskin and feels like calfskin. Anyway, after seeing your excellent photos, I went back over to Lifeway today to see if i simply remembered this Bible wrong. They had three copies of this premium Legacy edition — all priced at $100 — and all of them junk (stiff, grainy, thin, and cheaply made), just as I remembered them. Do you have any idea why yours is so much nicer? What is the ISBN on yours? Did you purchase it recently on Amazon? Thanks.

  4. Who is Sonya Feher? I thought I wrote this article? πŸ˜‰

    Hello Kyle,

    I’ll get you the exact ISBN number, but I did purchase mine from Amazon, for about $63.00 it was a steal. I also own the HCSB Ministers bible, and the Legacy is much, much nicer, softer, supple. You can see by the photo the way I rolled the cover, I can even get a tighter roll with no problem, and it just goes right back to laying flat.

    I looked at the Holman’s online catalog and the photo that they have is different than the one I got. The two ISBN numbers that I got from the catalog are: 1586401203 & 9781586401207 That is how I found it at Amazon, I just plugged these numbers in.

    When I get home I’ll check to make sure that it does not have a different ISBN.

    The only thing that I can think of is that they have some old copies, or bad copies.

    I own the ESV calfskin, and this one is just as nice. Oh, I would not pay $100.00 if you can get it at Amazon for $63.00 brand new.

    Take care,

  5. Great to see some HCSB readers! I bought the Legacy Large Print last year from Amazon. I had looked at one in the book store, but when mine arrived I was severely disappointed in the poor job of attaching the inside lining to the Bible block itself. It felt like it would come loose in a week or two. As you mentioned, this one only had one ribbon as well. Overall, I like the layout and presentation of this Bible, but the quality was just lackluster to say the least. I did kind of like the cowhide cover.

    I have considered buying another Legacy and having it recovered, but then I read that a new ‘updated’ translation will be out in 2009, so I guess I’ll wait and see what they come out with. I absolutely love the HCSB translation!

    I looked at the Minister’s Bible. Really like the single column layout, but that’s about all. I don’t care for the binding and I don’t see a real benefit of the Minister’s Helps.

    Thanks for blogging about the HCSB. I’ll be watching your blog for more HCSB news and views.


  6. Robert,

    Upon review, I think yours is a newer release. Holman has changed the way it prints on its Bibles from HOLMAN CHRISTIAN STANDARD BIBLE to the way it is on the spine of yours – – holman CSB. I don’t know if that is the explanation, or if the material is different. I look forward to receiving the ISBN from your Bible. Thanks.


  7. Robert, thanks for showing off your new bible with pride and joy. It’s nice to know that Holman comes with a lifetime guarantee. For a nice genuine leather, you’d kind of expect a guarantee like that.

  8. Kyle: it is the same ISBN number that Amazon has listed. I do think that I have a new release of this bible. I do know that it has a stitch binding, but it seems like all of the Holman bibles that I own do. I was looking at my compact legacy bonded leather bible, and that also has stitch binding.

    I don’t know a lot about the stitch binding, but I know it’s not glued, because I can see the stitching on it, unless there is another type of smyth-sewn binding.

    Sam: all of the Holman leather bibles that I have purchased I think come with a life time guarantee. These bibles tend to be better than the ESV’s. The ESV’s always look nice, but most the non-leather ones are all glued.

    I am going to post a comparison and a long over due review of my small Holman bible collection.

    Oh, I did compare the ESV calfskin with the Legacy CSB, and the ESV was smoother, and the CSB has some texture on it, which I actually like. But the interesting thing is the CSB seemed softer, and more supple. Not sure what to make of this.

  9. According to the Holman Catalog:

    Holman leather Bibles are guaranteed to last a lifetime. If any Holman bonded or genuine leather Bible is defective or falls apart, Holman will replace it with a comparable Bible free of charge. Simply provide your customer with a replacement Bible, return the defective Bible to Holman, and we will send you replacement copy for your stock.

  10. Robert,

    I went ahead and took the risk. I will let you know which one Amazon sends me. In the meantime, if you have one of the 2000 Legacy NIV or KJV Bibles, I would love to see some photos and review. These Bibles looked great to me from what I can remember.

  11. Kyle,

    I can understand your concern. There are 2 Lifeway Bible Stores in California. One is located in Brea and I don’t live that far. I visited it this weekend, and you are right, they had one so-called Legacy HCSB, but trust me it is nothing like the one I have. At best the leather was similar to my HCSB Ministers bible, but not as nice.

    Anyhow, I am confident that the one you will get from Amazon will be very, very nice. I hope you stop by and comment on it once you get it.

  12. Robert,

    Just received mine from Amazon 5 minutes ago. Amazon, by the way, is the best. I am a member of prime shipping and most items arrive in one day! (as did this Bible). Anyway, to make a long story short, I immediately opened my Bible and it was just like yours! I am amazed that the ones at the store feel grainy and almost bonded, yet the ones from Amazon are nice and supple. I noticed another difference. The liners for these Bibles are outstanding and say nothing on them. On the ones at Lifeway here in Chattanooga, the liners say “bonded leather” and do not feel as nice. I am quite certain that the ones at Lifeway are the older models and the ones selling at Amazon are newer. As I said earlier, my suspicion is based upon the way the name of the Bible is written. Holman is attempting to get to the point where these Bibles are simply called the CSB. The older models have the entire words written out “HOLMAN CHRISTIAN STANDARD BIBLE”. Most of the newer ones have a very small “Holman” followed by a CSB written very large. Anyway, that is my best guess. Just wanted to say “thanks” and to let your readers know that my Amazon purchase was just like yours — the good stuff!

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  14. Robert,
    purchased Holman Legacy CSB Bible and recieved the older one that kyle saw at lifeway. how do i get one in the picture like you have….. thanks

  15. I also purchased mine at amazon

  16. I am a truly converted CSB user! I have been going back and forth between the ESV and the CSB for several years now. However, I am finding myself going to the CSB more and more these days. After reading the posts here I finally jumped and purchased a Legacy edition through Amazon. I bought one of the “new but with defects” but I had too look a long time before I found the defects. The price was $43.00, however, with the application of an Amazon CC they took another $30.00 dollars off. So the final cost for this bible was around $18 ! The leather on it is absolutely wonderful and extremely soft to the touch. The font is not too large, nor too small. I am a little disappointed in the “readability” of the text though. I like the Bible but I tend to be a text-only kind of guy. All the little letters in the text for cross references I find a bit distracting. I may keep this Bible for personal use….but then I may give it away for a Christmas gift. A beautiful Bible indeed.

  17. Gary,

    I would return it to Amazon, and tell them that they sent you the wrong one. Ask them to send you another one.

    Scott Davis just ordered one and he got the right one.

    Other than that not sure what to suggest? You can also contact HCSB they are very responsive.

    Scott if you are going to give it away for Christmas give to Gary, he ordered one and got the wrong one – hahahah


  18. Robert ,thanks , I will try it again

  19. I just ordered the legacy from Holman not from amazon or barns and nobles i told the lady that i saw the bible for 80 dollars on the Barnes and Nobles site and she matched the price for me no questions asked, how cool is that?! Every time i do business with them i am shocked by there great service! My only concern is I may not get the quality of the pictures posted based on your comments… Anyone ever order from Holman direct?


  20. I got that Legacy Bible free from Amazon because was not was they advertised. It has some defections. πŸ™‚

  21. Hey, I love the CSB myself. I for sure have the older Legacy edition, which is all marked up and nicely worn. Do you know anything about the new edition? Also, what do you think of those renaissance bible covers? Are they kind of bulky?

  22. I really like my renaissance bible cover. It has almost made it my favorite bible to take to church. Although I have really become use to the size of the Legacy, and that is really a pleasure to hold and read. Plus the pages are a bit whiter and that also helps.

  23. I got my Holman Legacy from Amazon just this week and unfortunately I believe I got the “old” one.

    The cover is definitely not calfskin-like, more grainy (but still beautiful in my eyes) & stiff (compared to ESV Cordovan).

    Anyone has this issue and has been able to exchange for a “newer” one with Amazon?

  24. I bought 2 legacy editions fromAmazon @ a dicount price and both were great (calfskin like) but I do agree that the ESV Cordavan is much too stiff. I even went to crossway in july ( I was on vacation ) and compared the same stiffness in their reading room.

  25. Ben,

    I would call Holman and let them know that the one sent to you was not the latest leather edition. They will replace it for you.

    Mike, the ESV Cordavan that I own is just as soft, and supple. But if it is the same one, and a bit stiff over time it will soften and feel great.

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  27. Ben,
    My name is Jonathon and I just received my legacy CSB and it is not like Robert’s at all. So I called amazon’s help line (its posted on their web site) 1-866-216-1072? I pretty sure. Anyway they said they were shipping me a new bible immediately. They also shipped it next day delivery. I will keep you posted as to what happens. Good luck!

  28. Ben, I just received my replacement HCSB in the mail and it is the new calfskin like version. So it looks like it would be worth calling and complaining. It definately was for me, the only thing I don’t like about this bible is that it does’nt come with 2 ribbon markers. Has anyone got one with 2 ribbon markers? Please let me know. Thanks!

  29. To whoever is interested, the nice version of this bible has this ISBN 978-158640-1207, the other is 1-58640-120-3. I have one of each in front of me and these are the ISBN #’s on the bibles themselves. Good Luck I hope this helps.

  30. Jonathon,

    Thanks for adding this clarification. This should help greatly in avoiding future mistakes when ordering this bible.

    the one ribbon issue was one of my original complaints that I had when I wrote this review.

  31. Thanks Jonathan.

    I notice both ISBN # actually describe the same Legacy version. One is ISBN-10, the other ISBN-13.

    Amazon did responded that I should return the Bible and place another order. But since I am not confident if the next one coming won’t be the same bonded one again, I decided to keep it. (After all, I don’t live in the GREAT USA. Thus, any such return/re-purchase is troublesome & time consuming.)

    However, praise the LORD, I have kind of grown to like this “bonded-version”. It is actually quite flexible.

    Besides, all the better reason to tell my wife WHY I need to buy ANOTHER Bible next year with the updated HSBC in the correct Legacy binding.

  32. Hi folks, was just reading the blog and wanted to give you an additional site to consider when purchasing the Legacy Edition: http://evangelicalbible.com.
    They specialize in “top-shelf” products and some are very pricey. But the Bible we are discussing here is only $63. You can count on it being the best of the best. Check them out. I did, and just ordered mine.

  33. I am considering purchasing the HCSB Legacy, so I have a question for those of you who purchased the calfskin leather edition 5years ago how is it holding up ? How does the leather and binding compare to a Allan Bible?

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