Quality Custom Leather Bible Covers

I have become a great fan of quality made soft, supple leather bibles. However, I just cannot afford to buy a calfskin, or one like the Holman CSB Legacy bible for every single bible that I own. I just don’t have $100.00 plus dollars to spend on each one.

Great Alternative! I found this craftsman/artisan that will make a custom bible/book cover for you. I just order one for my Holman CSB Ultrathin Bible. I had comtemplated having this one rebound, but I could not afford to do so at this moment, and I decided to wait because Holman is going to update the text sometime next year.

Who is this Leather Craftsman you ask? Renaissance Art

First off, they are really great and nice to deal with. I sent an email to them and they (Arthur) responded right away, and answered all of my questions. He even gave me some advise, had he not I would have given him the wrong dimensions. I was about to send in the dimensions from the website, and he cautioned me not to as they are often smaller than the actual size, and that I should measure it myself. Be sure to measure correctly, because these are custom made, and you can’t return it. They had completed my bible cover in less than 24 hours, and was promptly shipped to my home. I had paid for 3 day turn around and it was here even faster! Know I can’t promise that you will get in the mail that fast, but he did get it done really quick!

These bible covers are not the run of the mild ones you buy at your local bible bookstore, but they are custom made for your bible. He does all sizes! It fits like a glove on my bible.

I got my in today, and I have to tell you I am very pleased. This bible size happens to be my favorite size to read, take to church, and now it is a true pleasure to hold. The leather is amazing, it is very soft and supple, a true pleasure to hold in one’s hand. I was very unhappy with the stiff, glossy leather that it came in. This bible is sewn stitched, and is well built, it’s just the leather that I did not care for.

You can also have this bible embossed, but I choose not to because I was trying to control the cost. I did not ask if you can have the emboss done on the spine, but that would be worth asking.

Oh yeah cost, what did it cost me? $37.70 that includes shipping.  I know you are wondering “control cost” I got a great deal, yeah I know, but I have been spending a great deal lately on books.

Also, for those of you that are true quality bible connoisseur, and are not looking for a bible cover, well he also makes these fine custom journals. They are hand-sew, and would be a great complement to your nice bible.

Ok, enough talk, here are the photos (you can view them all at flickr.com:

11 Responses

  1. Very nice!

  2. I remember James White mentioning these folks a while back. I have considered getting a custom cover, but just haven’t pulled the trigger.

  3. Will they do a cover with a zipper? The photos look great, but I’d really like one that fits like a glove with a zipper.

  4. I did not see any zipper covers, they did have the type you can tie, but that was it. I think, you might want to look over their site just in case I missed that.

    This cover fit so well, I was really impressed.

  5. I have never seen stitching like this on a bible before. Looks nice and it’s cheap. I like that. I think I’d rather spend my money on reference books instead. If I had to spend $100 on all my bible’s I’d end up with a bookshelf of bibles and never enough time to read them all. Sometimes I wonder what Mark Bertrand does with all his extra biblesÉ

  6. I’m left-handed, and they will make their journals for lefties at no extra cost! Thanks for the link. 🙂

  7. I have two of these Bible covers and they are excellent. I highly recommend them as well. Good post.

  8. Hello..I have a bible with dimensions of 10&1/2 x 7&1/4 x 1&3/4 inches..what will it cost with my name added also?

    sincerely,calvin ramsey

  9. Hello Calvin,

    Not sure about the extra cost, but I would just go to the website http://www.renaissance-art.com/default.aspx and check, or you can email them at service@renaissance-art.com and they will let you know as well.

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  11. I bought a Complete Jewish Bible, but it only comes in paperback. So I had a nice brown leather cover made from Renaissance Art Leather and it is beautiful. Soft and well made. The printing on the front is deep and classy.
    I highly recommend them!

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