BlogRoll Update

Added a few more:


Parchment & Pen

Pneuma Blogger – Just wanted another pentecostal / charismatic on my list 😉 Don’t know how long I will keep this one.

Removed Anwoth, he is just not blogging much anymore, but as soon as he becomes very active again I will add him back.

Also removed Adrian Warnock Main reason, I just don’t visit there often enough, and his site postings confuses me is brain overload, too much going on all at once, not sure what to read when I get there.


7 Responses

  1. This post has finally prompted me to add Parchment & Pen to my feed reader. Thanks 😛

  2. Hi there,
    That could be potentially important feedback for me. Is it my site itself that confuses you, or what I say?

  3. And Lingamish is a pentecostal/charismatic and far more confusing than Adrian! So you get two for the price of one. Thanks for the add.

  4. Adrain,

    I didn’t even think you ever came by my blog, nice to see you stopping by!

    Hey, don’t read to much into me being confused (it’s not that hard to do), your blog just feels real busy that’s all. Overload, like too much at once. Clutter drives me nuts, if I had the time I would learn CSS, and update my site like ElShaddai Edwards ~ but he is an IT guy, so nuff said. Hey so am I, so what’s my problem?

  5. David,

    I visit your site often, I leave a reply now and then but I really enjoy your blog. Yeah, a long term goal I have is to dispel some of the myths about Pentecostals, and that not all Pentecostals roll down the aisle, or that we don’t think and use our brains.

    One more thing, I should have used the word overload, instead of confuse, that’s how I feel when I visit your site, I hope that helps a bit.

  6. Hey, thanks for the linklove, even if it is conditional!

    I haven’t been posting as much lately due to the learning curve at work and diinished free time (now that I’m working again!), but I do hope to get back in the fray, again, soon.



  7. Rich,

    no worries, I have noticed you have not be as active but I added you anyhow. Hope you progress on the at learning curve and get back to blogging.

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