Church History 101

I am on this big learning curve with the church fathers, and might I say that I am having a really good time learning. There appears to be a resurgence in the interest of what they had to say, how they lived, and who they were. I say this because of the number of recent publications that are being targeted for the lay person.

I found this site, that has a good overview (introduction) to the early Christian history. But the nice thing about this site is that they also have a blog, and from what I can tell they post sporadically, every 1-2 months. So they are not super active, but at least you can post and hope to get a response at some point. The blog is not highly active with comments, but that could be for a number of reasons.

Early Church History

Early Church History Blog

If you know of others sites of similar interest feel free to recommend them.


One Response

  1. My apologies for the lack of consistency on my site/blog. THIS was my primary reason for dragging my feet when several friends pushed me to publish the site. I knew it would be difficult to keep it current….and now those same friends have convinced me to start a Facebook! 😦
    Anyway, I would be pleased to communicate directly with you regarding any questions you might have.
    My hosting company shut my server down and in the transition my contact form was broken for several months without my knowing it. Bad, I know. I think it all works now.

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