HCSB Apologetic Study Bible – Review

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Pub. Date: October 2007
ISBN 10: 158640024X
ISBN 13: 9781586400248
Product #: 005040119
Translation: Holman Christian Standard
Description: Complete Without Apocrypha
Concordance: No
Pages: 2240
Print size: 9.5 pts
Red Letter: No
Binding: Paper Over Board
Weight: 2.98 lbs
Trim Size: 7 X 9.4 X 1.71
Price: $39.99

Big thanks to Drew Van Huss from B&H Publishing for sending me a review copy!

This new study bible from B&H Publishing uses the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB, CSB) as its bible text. You all know what a fan I am of this translation!

The great feature of this study bible are the more than 100 concise articles that are written by a who’s who of well known Apologist. They cover everything from demons to the Trinity. It also contains these sections title Twisting Scriptures through out the bible that detail how these portion of verses have been misinterpreted (Twisted) by cults. It also contains some really nice color charts in the back with various Apologist through out history. I find this study bible very useful for those that are starting out in Apologetics. As you read through the articles it will introduce you to many great writers in this field to pursue further.

I took some time to compare it to few other study bibles (The Believers Study Bible – BSB & Ryrie Study Bible -RSB) that I own, and overall it compares well. I did find that the commentary notes were not as extensive as the RSB, or the BSB. Also, the introductory notes for Genesis could have been a bit more in-depth (i.e. did not explain the meaning of Genesis) as BSB & RSB, however they are written with an apologetics emphasis. The strength of this study bible truly is in its unique approach. Since it’s focus is on Apologetics it places it in a class by itself as there is no other study bible that I know of today that has taken this approach.

I would highly recommend this bible for anyone looking for a different approach in study bibles, or anyone that has an interest in Apologetics. For further information:

8 Responses

  1. I did a review of this bible recently. The problem with it as an apologetic study bible is that most of what it says is incorrect. I think the idea is a good one but they simply hacked it together without taking the time to actually understand what they were refuting nor did they choose reasonable things to refute.

    • I agree with CD-Host…there are verses that tend to ‘steer’ the reader. This is a ‘soft’ hermaneutic bible, good for story but not for a serious bible student.

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  3. To: CD-Host-

    Please explain which areas the Study Bible is incorrect. I have referenced everything I have read so far and besides the fact that they had no room to go into adequate depth on each issue to make a reader an expert on each subject, the writers were highly accurate in their knowledge of each subject.
    This study Bible is not intended to make someone an expert on Buddhism or reincarnation, etc…but gives readers brief commentary on some of the views in comparison and contrast with biblical teaching.

    • I tend to agree with Steve. Please don’t make any deriding comments if you are not willing to substantiate it. People need accurate information here. Thanks.

  4. I am confused. One comment says the Apolgetics Study Bible is incorrect another review seems to lean toward th HCSB. I need an apologetics based Bible that is complete and will aid me in teaching my congregation how to intelligently stand against the unorthodox “christian” views, and to adequately address Buddhism, Islam etc. I need a good Apologetics Study Bible that will give me, from a Biblical standpoint of view, a good source that will equip me adequately to be able to intelligently, spiritually, philosophically and Scripturally answer those other beliefs and to challenge lovingly their beliefs. Does such a translation or Study Bible exist

  5. I bought my HCSB Apologetic Bible January 2010. I have enjoyed this translation VERY much! I have tried to cross reference passages with the KJV to find any errors, etc. So far, so good. I do NOT believe the NLT or The Message to be accurate.

  6. While I can somewhat understand a concern as to this Apologetic Study Bible not being extensive in depth, I don’t believe that this was its intention. The intent is to show in a brief way, answers to the vast common challenges to the Bible, and to Christianity.
    With so many Christians (especially students and younger) having such a poor ability to defend what they believe, and not even knowing there are defenses, this volume is a wonderful springboard, not only to show that there are defenses, but also where the student can research further.

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