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I took these photos a while back in anticipation that I would post my remarks on the set of Holman Christian Standard Bibles (CSB) that I have acquired. Since I have been a bit on the quiet side I thought I would go ahead and post the photos, and remarks.

I own a total of total of 4 different sizes of the CSB bible. Why? Because once I enjoy a certain translation I tend to like to have different sizes for different reasons. Also growing up as a Christian, I could only afford hard back bibles, and usually only one per translations. Now that I can afford more than one, I buy what I want within reason.

First thing to mention about all of the bibles listed here. They are all sewn binding, and not glued. So for those of you that are interested in rebinding, all 3 mention here would be great choices for spending those extra dollars on a quality leather bible rebind.

Second thing to mention is all bonded and genuine leather bibles come with a lifetime guarantee, according to Holman:

Holman leather bibles are guaranteed to last a lifetime. If any Holman bonded or genuine leather Bible is defective or falls apart, Holman will replace it with a comparable Bible free of charge.

My big gripe with Holman is that they DO NOT PUBLISH PHOTOS OF THE BIBLES! They just publish photos of the box – who cares what the box looks like?

Here are the three bibles that I have:
Standard Bible Pocket Size Bible Classic Edition – BritishTan
The pocket size that I own is bonded leather in what they call a British Tan. Overall I really like this one, the font size is easy to read, it’s the right size to carry around, however it is bonded leather which is very smooth, but stiff, and not supple. However, the British Tan looks decent and it is a pleasure to carry around. It has one ribbon, and a side flap.

Holman CSB UltraThin Reference Bible – Black Genuine Leather

I love the overall size of this bible the best, the pages are a good weight and not much bleed through. What I hate the most about this bible is the leather. It is too glossy, very stiff, and the texture of this cow hide is over the top for me. Now this could have been avoided had Holman just published some photos of this bible. Again this is a personal gripe about the leather, some of my actually like very glossy bibles 😉  But had there been some good photos I may have not purchased this one, and bought another one instead.

I remedied this problem by purchasing a custom made leather bible cover. You can read more about that here.

CSB Minister’s Bible

This is the only single column format bible that Holman offers for the CSB. If you like the CSB translation, and you want single column this is your only choice. The pages are a bit on the thin side, the leather is a nice cow hide, a bit thin, but overall nice. Again it is a stiff leather and not supple. It has two ribbons one red and one black. I personally don’t care for the red ribbon and would have preferred two black ribbons. All black letter edition which is a nice plus – I don’t mind red letter editions. This bible is a bit on the bigger size, but you have to judge for yourself.

CSB Legacy Bible

I already posted on this before so you can read the comments there. One thing that has changed is that I have become much more comfortable with the size of this bible. So much so that I don’t even notice the size difference between this one that the Ultrathin. If you use it enough you just get use to the size.

For a complete listing of all the photos go here:

Holman CSB Bible Collection

Blog Roll Update

Adding another blogger to my list.  Nathan Stitt

Why?  I just think he is a nice guy, and hell, he is doing something that is not easy – Learning how to read Greek on his own!  Plus he actually visits my site, often, that alone places you under consideration.  In all seriousness he offers great insight, has a great attitude and he is doing something that I have been to lazy to do, learn Greek on your own.  I hope if I see his blog every day at my site that it will remind me to keep on trying!

High Def TV

Well, it finally happened my 11 year old Sony tube TV died last Saturday night. What sucks is that I had bought a bunch of food Saturday, because I was planning on BBQ on Sunday after church, and had invited some friends over to watch the Laker game. Well when my friends heard that my TV was dead, they all canceled on me and like scattered sheep when looking for another place to watch the game.

I had already discussed this with my wife that when it died I was going to replace it with a Hi-Def TV. So I went to Costco and purchased a Vizio 47″ 1080p TV. I also purchased a Sony surround sound speakers, and this weekend I hope to buy a surround sound receiver. Why am I posting about this? Because I have nothing else to post on 😉 I got nothing.

Watching Hi-Def TV is such a whole different experience, and I am glad that the old TV died. I was not happy about spending the money but what you gonna do? If I am blogging lest, it’s because I am stuck to my TV, mesmerized in some sort of trance.

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