Wolverine and the X-Men

Yet another great Animated Marvel Series – coming soon!

watch in Hi-Res


5 Responses

  1. Did you know that Professor Xavier survived in the last X-Men movie?

    Oh, and this does look like a good cartoon.

  2. Hey Nick, us in the Animation Biz don’t like to refer to this Art Form as Cartoons – we find it highly offensive 😉

    Really, when I first started working in the Animation biz, I used the word cartoon, and people really took offense to it. I was corrected and told that they prefer the word Animation. – Whatever!

  3. Robert: Did you ever find out why it’s offensive?

    Oh, and it looks like a great animation… somehow that sounds weird… 😐

  4. They think of cartoons like the smurfs, or anything that would be a 1/2 hour or less. Geared towards little kids.

    But anything that you would see that is a feature film, such as Lion King, Toy Story, they would never, ever, call it a cartoon. They refer to them as Animated Movie|Film, or “Feature Animation”. Even the division was called “Walt Disney Feature Animation”, and “DreamWorks Animation”.

    No matter how you slice it, it’s still a cartoon – just longer.

  5. Man, I love the animated X-Men. Can’t stand the humans!

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