High Def TV

Well, it finally happened my 11 year old Sony tube TV died last Saturday night. What sucks is that I had bought a bunch of food Saturday, because I was planning on BBQ on Sunday after church, and had invited some friends over to watch the Laker game. Well when my friends heard that my TV was dead, they all canceled on me and like scattered sheep when looking for another place to watch the game.

I had already discussed this with my wife that when it died I was going to replace it with a Hi-Def TV. So I went to Costco and purchased a Vizio 47″ 1080p TV. I also purchased a Sony surround sound speakers, and this weekend I hope to buy a surround sound receiver. Why am I posting about this? Because I have nothing else to post on 😉 I got nothing.

Watching Hi-Def TV is such a whole different experience, and I am glad that the old TV died. I was not happy about spending the money but what you gonna do? If I am blogging lest, it’s because I am stuck to my TV, mesmerized in some sort of trance.

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  1. Congratulations, I think. I’m not buying a HDTV yet either, kinda waiting to see what happens.

  2. Nathan, if you are a patient person, and don’t feel you have to have the latest and greatest toys, then wait.

    I don’t feel the need to have the latest and greatest, that’s why I waited until my TV died. Then it felt like a need, even though it wasn’t 🙂

    The longer you wait, the better the technology gets, and the cheaper it gets as well. So you end up with better technology and a cheaper cost by waiting.

  3. I can’t ever tell the difference between a HDTV and a regular one. It’s all a scam if you ask me.

  4. Nick, you won’t see a difference unless you have a BluRay player, or a Hi-Def signal coming in. Otherwise it actually could look worse.

    I have noticed a big time difference, just with the Hi-Def channels that I have, can’t wait for BluRay to drop in price, maybe next year, or this Christmas.

  5. Robert: Oh, we have both (BluRay & Hi-Def signal), but I still don’t notice the difference. It could be the fact that I’m in deparate need of glasses, but who knows?

  6. I eagerly await my first HDTV… sigh.

  7. Nick: If you’re too far away from the TV, the HD doesn’t really grab you. Up halfway close you can definitely see a difference between 480p, 720p, and 1080i. Don’t get to see that much 1080p.

    That said, it’s a sharpness improvement, so it doesn’t necessarily knock everyone’s socks off like improved color would, or the addition of a good sound system with a subwoofer.

    Robert: Hang onto your receipt on that Vizio. I’ve heard rumblings about faulty tuners in them going out.

  8. Nick, get glasses 😉

    Nathan, my regular old DVD playing through my 360 even looks better. I watched an “The Avengers II” & “The Incredibles” last night and they looked pretty amazing. The clarity is just amazing.

  9. Component cables really make a difference over the old yellow one. I’ve got a 360 but no HD. I really don’t need more reasons to be in front of a screen though.

  10. Chuck, I bought mine at Costco, and it comes with a 90 day warranty and Costco also has an extended 2 year warranty. So I am good. I have heard from people, but could not find anything negative on the web, in fact I found the opposite regarding Vizio.

    The other thing that I learned was that there are only 3-4 LCD TV manufactures and all of them, Sony, Philips, Samsung, and Vizio get them from the same location. The difference comes in how they are engineered and integrated. Vizio has 85 employees based in Irvine California, and most of them are engineers and tech support.

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