Weird Thinkers is the brain child of a conversation I had with Chris Chapman (Pastor of Praise Chapel Indonesia). We were writing to each other and he said “I think if I had a chance to be around more weird thinkers I wouldn’t feel so weird“.

He nailed it for me. I always feel weird, and out of place. Mostly because Irb.jpg have different ideas, I see things differently, and think very differently than most of my peers. I have always wanted to setup a blog where there was no focus or agenda, or goals, just a place where I could express my thoughts on any issue. I guess there would be one goal, keep the thought process Christian.

This would give me the ability to express concerns on subjects ranging from Faith to Politics (although I will keep the politics to a minimum). I would love to see comments to my post, but if they get too weird I will have to remove them.

Also, one other thing that I want to accomplish. I don’t just want to motivate our thinking, but I want to motivate our actions. We can sit here all day long and debate issues, discuss ethics, or contemplate how many angels can dance on the pin head of a needle. But without taking any action it will only be empty dialog.

I am not here to have heated debates with anyone either. I am a faith based person, striving to be Christ-like, and cannot explain everything. There are enough apologetic websites for that. However I do welcome solid Christian thought done in an irenic manner that will challenges us to take action.

God bless,

Robert Jimenez

About me:

Currently I am the Assistant Pastor at Praise Chapel Paramount. I head up our Bible School “Paramount Bible Institute”. I really enjoy teaching through God’s word, and imparting into others what I have learned.

I have been married to my wife Becky since 1990, I have two kids my daughter Renae, and my son Bobby. I was born in 1966!!! Not old enough to remember the Vietnam war, but just old enough to remember President Nixon.

I am Enrolled at Vision International University where I hope to complete my bachelors, and then enroll in a Masters program. Not sure where, maybe Biola Apologetics Program, or the King’s Seminary, or maybe continue my studies at Vision. They have an interesting Masters in Theological Studies. The curriculum is produced by The Institute of Theological Studies (ITS)

Hobbies: Photography, reading, buying new bibles, playing Xbox 360 shooter games, Batman

Interesting things about me:

I worked for Disney Animation as Lead Technical Support Engineer on movies such as: Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan, Dinosaur, & Fantasia.

I also worked for DreamWorks Animation as Head of Digital Operations, and worked on the following moives: El Dorado, Spirit, Sinbad, and a small bit on Shrek (we help render some scenes).

I even got to fly on Jeffrey Katzenberg private plane with him on board on a short trip to the Silicone Valley.

Currently I work full time for IBM

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5 Responses

  1. Robert,

    Just read and responded to your post on GreyCoats. I decided to come visit your site and I would highly recommend Biola Apologetics Program. I have a friend who just got his Doctorate in Greek from there and he was mighty impressed with the college program

    We are also having a great seminar with the folks of the Biola Apolgetics program here in my home town in Central Oregon. That should be a really great and informative seminar.


  2. Tim,

    I have actually attend many classes and seminars at BIOLA. I live very close to the school. I am actually attending a seminar next week with Dr. William Lane Craig. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to chat.

  3. Hey Robert – just saw a new study Bible that looks like it might be nice. Check it out at http://www.esvstudybible.org and let me know hat you think.

  4. Robert,

    I am interested in why you prefer the HCSB? I too use it, I am transitioning from the NIV, I had considered the ESV but find the CSB much more a comfortable read while maintaining tremendous accuracy, at least as far as an untrained in the originals reader can determine.

    Terry Thomas

  5. Hello Terry,

    the main reason I prefer the CSB over the ESV is readability. I just think that it reads better. The CSB is not a perfect translations as there are things about it that I do not like. I am in the process of reading through the TNIV, and NLT to compare. I was thinking of abandoning the CSB as my main bible, but now I am reconsidering.

    I am not a Greek or Hebrew expert so I will point and cite the proper sources.

    I will be blogging about this at my new Blog “http://theinquiringminds.wordpress.com”

    Take care,

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