Birthday just passed

My wife and son could not decided what to get me for my birthday, so they left it up to me.  The problem is that I could not decided either.  Finally I decided to order the Holman Legacy Ultrathin Reference Bible Large (supple flexible genuine leather). It is not much larger than my current HCSB leather bible, and the font is 10.5 just slightly larger than my current one.

The reason why I could not decide on this is because the HCSB is going to be revised sometime next year.  However, considering the price ($63.00), it was difficult to pass on.  And I am not really happy with my current genuine leather HCSB ultra thin bible that I use.  It is just too glossy / flashy.  Excellent binding, and it has a lifetime warranty.

The sad part is that just prior to making the choice as using the HCSB as my primary study/reading bible I had purchased the premium ESV Thinline bible, which I am not using that much.  Oh well I do love collecting bibles, but I don’t like to pay the premium price for them, genuine leather is good enough for this purpose.  Maybe I will give to my son.

The other reason I held off is because I had purchased the HCSB Ministers Bible, single column.  The leather is nice, the single column is great, really love the look and feel, but it is just to thick for me to carry around.  I took it to church several times, and I was not comfortable with it’s size.  It is bulky, heavy, and I think the pages are a bit to thin, considering it’s size.  It’s a good reading bible for home but that’s about it for me.  It’s like the size of a study bible but it has no notes, however it is advertise as a wide margin bible, but it is not as wide as other wide-margin bibles.

My ideal bible would be a single column ultra-thin high premium leather bible.  Maybe in 2009 for my birthday HCSB will release the revised version, and issue one like this, and then I’ll buy that as well.

NETS Electronic Edition Available

Now this may be old news, but I just came across it and thought I would share with the rest of you.

The Septuagint New English Translation is available for free in PDF format.

Just click on the above link and download it.

TNIV and John 3:16

I just bought the TNIV red letter edition. Nothing fancy or expensive. It’s one of those TruTone Ultra Thin Reference bibles. I already own the New Testament, but I wanted to have the Old Testament so that is why I bought it.

I was reading an comparing some verses when suddenly I realized that John 3:16-21 was not printed in RED. At first I thought this was a printing error, but it just so happens that I just finish taking a course in the Historical Reliability of the NT, and remembered that the Professor discussed this very topic. He was saying that it is difficult from John’s writing to tell when he is saying something, and when Jesus is saying something. I am not a Greek scholar so maybe a Greek scholar who reads this can expound a bit more.

John 3:16-21 is a classic example of this. It is difficult for bible scholars to determine if this is Jesus talking or John. Well, TNIV has taken the BOLD step and not print in RED indicating that it is John narrating and not Jesus speaking.

What bugs me is not the RED letter stuff, but that TNIV would take this BOLD step, but yet translate John 3:16 in the safe traditional manner.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – TNIV

When in fact a better translation would be (according to Greek scholars such as William Mounce):

For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. – HCSB


For this is the way God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. – NETBible

Go figure.

(bold added by me)

Bibles I Own

I have been meaning to get around and show the bibles I currently own. Always interested in what bible collections people have, so I thought I would take the time and share mine.

What Bible am I reading now a days? I have recently switched over to the Holman Christian Standard Bible (CSB), as I find it literal enough, but yet has a nice modern English to it. I would love to own a premium leather version of this bible, but at this point I am going to wait as there are plans to release an updated version in 2009. I do find much use out of using various translations when I am doing my studies the NLT, and The Message for example sometimes help in drawing out the meaning of some difficult passages.

I just got my Revised English Bible (REB) in the mail last week and started to read it a bit, but have not spend enough time on it to comment. Although my purpose is not to post reviews on these bibles, I may on the Study Bibles that I own, but there are some really good reviews already done by some respected bloggers.

  1. Rick Mansfiled – Top Ten Bible Versions: The Complete Boxed Set
  2. ElShaddai Edwards – he is sufficient

I have broken them down into 6 categories.

  1. Leather Bibles (including study bibles):
    1. New King James Version (NKJV)
    2. Holman Christian Standard Bible (CSB) – Ultra Thin Reference
    3. English Standard Version (ESV) – Cordovan (Antique Burgundy) Premium Calfskin
    4. CSB – The Ministers Bible
    5. NKJV – The Believers Study Bible – W.A. Criswell

  1. Bounded or TruTone Bibles:
    1. CSB – Compact
    2. The Message – New Testament
    3. ESV
    4. The NET Bible – Reader’s Edition
    5. The NET Bible – First Edition

  1. Hard & Paper Back Bibles:
    1. The New Testament in Modern English – J. B. Phillips
    2. The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
    3. The New Livining Translation (NLT) – First Edition
    4. The Revised English Bible (REB)
    5. NKJV
    6. ESV Classic Reference

  1. Greek English Interlinear Bibles:
    1. The NKJV Interlinear Bible
    2. Zondervan NIV Interlinear Bible
    3. ESV Reverse Interlinear Bible
    4. KJV Interlinear Bible

  1. Parallel Bibles
    1. The Evangelical Parallel New Testament (NKJV, NIV, ESV, HCSB, TNIV, NLT, NCV, The Message)
    2. The Comparative Study Bible Old & New Testaments (NIV, NASB, Amplified Bible, KJV)

  1. Study Bibles (various covers)
    1. Scofield Study Bible KJV
    2. The Believers Study Bible – W.A. Criswell NKJV (This is one is really good)
    3. Scofield Study Bible ESV
    4. Hebrew Greek Key Study Bible NASB
    5. Thompson Chain Study Bible KJV
    6. Ryrie Study Bible NASB Updated Edition
    7. Thompson Chain Study Bible NIV


Unofficial endoresment by Dr. Wayne Grudem on the HCSB?

I was reading an interview with Dr. Wayne Grudem on when he mentions the following:

My expectation is that we will see a return to an emphasis on essentially literal translations such as the English Standard Version, the New American Standard Version, the Holman Christian Standard Version, and the New King James version…

Not bad to be mentioned along side some very good translations of the bible.

Excellent Interview with Dr. Ed Blum, General Editor of the HCSB

Another great article on the Holman Christian Standard Bible, but this time in the form of an interview with the General Editor.

Read the Full Interview at Anwoth blog

Bible Translations

I have been doings lots of bible reading lately, mostly been inspired by so many of the new translations. Researching new bible translations has actually turned out to be a great project as it has caused me to read my bible much more than my normal daily devotions.

As most of you I have been on a journey to find the perfect translation that can be used for reading and studying. Ok, lets be fair we will never have the perfect translation, but I hope to find the right one for me.

I grew up reading the NKJV, as my Pastor use to preach from the KJV. For nearly 20 years that was my study/reading bible. When I did serious bible study I also used the NASB, and some others like the NIV, JB Phillips, & Amplified bible. But the NKJV was my main one that I love to read. In 2000 I made the switch to the ESV bible. It was slow and I was unsure if I was doing the right thing. What I found right away that it was similar to the NKJV, but a bit more modern. In some places I really liked the choice of words that it used in the NT.

Well switching over to the ESV made me think, there are a whole lot of new translations out there, maybe I should look them all over. By this time I had been reading the ESV for at least 4 years. I went and bought the The Evangelical Parallel New Testament That is where I came across the HCSB. This Parallel bible has 8 translations, pretty good, pretty, pretty good.

The more I compared the HCSB with the ESV, and TNIV, the more I liked it. So I went and bought one for me and my whole family. It was a bit tough to change from the ESV to the HCSB , because I myself had endorsed the ESV some much to all of my friends, even gave it as a gift to my pastor. Don’t get me wrong I really do like the ESV, and for me it was more readable than the NASB (my opinion). Now, I really like theHCSB, I had given my son both the HCSB , & the ESV and he is 13 years old, and does seem to prefer the ESV, but could be due to my influence on him. Either way I don’t care, as long as he reads his bible.

Today, I am reading the HCSB as my devotional bible, and I also use it to study. I really would like to have a Parallel Bible ESV & HCSB. Maybe someday that will be available. When I do serious study, I will use my 8 Translation Parallel bible, and all of the recent Greek helps that are available to me.

I really do love the HCSB, I really enjoy reading it, and have the comfort of knowing that it is accurate and great to read.

So which Translation is the best one? Rick Mansfield said it best

“The One You Read”

For those of you who would like more information on the HCSB I recommend these sites:

Broadman Holman

He is sufficient
The Link

All of these blogs have great comments on the ESV & HCSB plus lots to say about other translations, and some really great articles.