Oh really? Prophet Piper strikes again


Based on the advise of my friend Nick I decided to stop any further commenting on this site, due to the double blogging that is going on I am locking this one as it stands. If you have any further comments, opinions or what not please post them at GreyCoats.  All posts that were here are no longer readable, but you are not missing much, most of it was posted as well at GreyCoats.  I don’t know if any other way to stop further commenting, and keep what was posted.  So this was the most simple thing to do.

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Honestly, if I were you, I’d go into every comment that these folks from the ‘greycoats’ left here that was also left on their blog, and just edit it to a link to their original comment over there.  This double-blog commenting is strange.

The great danger of double blog commenting around the blogosphere is that it often attempts to say the same thing twice, in two places, so apparently twice as many people can see it.  This is not the blogging way, and will result eventually in the petering out of poorly founded comments (twice!) or in the development of heretical comments to smooth over the differences.

Just some advice from me to you. 😉


For those of you just joining, Devin and I have cleared up our misunderstanding, and we have both apologized. There is good dialog going on here, and at his blog, so feel free to still join in. And it looks like I found another blog that I will visit often.

For the record, in case you are wondering, I am still not a fan of John Piper 😉

I just read this post, and I have to say that it really bothered me. Most of my friends that visit here are not Charismatic or Pentecostal, and yet we find great fellowship with each other. Most of you that read my blogs know that I am a diligent student of the word, love God, and strive to understand all orthodox positions, and heterodox views as well.

This post is from The Grey Coats and this is what he said in regards to a quotes from John Piper from 1985:

Today I found a gem of a quote from John Piper on the Charismatic movement that I believe has really come to pass today. – devinasheville

This is the quote from Prophet Piper that he is referring to:

The great danger of the charismatic movement around the world today (with all the good I see in it) is that it often attempts to preserve fellowship among believers on the basis of a shared experience rather than on the basis of shared theology. This is not the biblical way, and will result eventually in the petering out of poorly founded experience or in the development of heretical theology to smooth over the differences.

Oh really? You have got to be kidding that this guy would actually think that this has come true today. What planet is he living in? I know that there are factions of extreme Pentecostals/Charismatics, but don’t tell me that you don’t have those in your camps either? For God’s sake I even have some family members that I wish I didn’t have.

Anyhow, what are your thoughts? I posted a reply at his site, but I don’t think that I was as kind as I normally am. I apologize for my sarcasm at his site.

Inquiring minds want to know…

Blogroll Update

I have been interacting with Sam from “Purging my soul…one blog at a time” he is a young man that loves the Lord, is dedicated to his family, and is working on his PhD dissertation in historical theology.

Plus he is Charismatic. Not that it matters, but it’s great for me on a personal level. Check out his blog, and I hope he visits here often, as I welcome his insight, and contributions.

Are you a Charismatic Christian?

I gave my life to the Lord in 1980 at a Pentecostal church. They were all so nice, and I enjoyed the church very much. As a matter of fact I didn’t even know I was in a Pentecostal church. I came from a Catholic background, so I just assumed (young and naive) all Christians churches were like this. As time went on I learned about the gifts of the spirit, and embraced the teaching.

During this time I also develop a deep personal love for God’s word. I began at a very early age to read theology books, commentaries, use Greek study tools, and wondered why some of my peers were not as interested. I began to make new Christian friends outside of my church that had the same passion for God’s word. We would study, talk, and discuss, until the subject of the Charismata came up.

All of a sudden I was the weird person with the odd view. They tried to convince me that the gifts ceased to exists, they tried very hard to force scripture to say something that I just could not see. They weren’t very nice either, they teased me, mocked my views, they were my friends (with friends like these who needs enemies), and still are so I suppose some it was done in fun. I then heard a message by John Macarthur (early 80’s), and he was adamantly opposed to the gifts, I quit listening to him for many years after that. But I held my ground, it forced me to study and lay a solid foundation for why I believed in the gifts of the Spirit, and continue to this day.

I did find some comfort in teachers like Walter Martin who was doing some soul searching, and gave a voice and some sound teaching on the Holy Spirit. Also there was the Calvary Chapel movement, but at the time they were not as prolific as they are today.

Today I find it is no longer an issue with my Evangelical friends, oh how the times have changed.

Recently the Baran Group published the following report: Is American Christianity Turning Charismatic?

Also worth reading is: What is a Reformed Charismatic?

I am not Reformed in the sense that I don’t fully embrace Calvinism.

Well, are you a Charismatic? Take some time and tell us why you are, or why you are not.