Missionary Prayer Request

I got this email from my friend Rory Butler who is currently living in China doing Missionary work. I would appreciate it very much for those you that stop by to take a moment and pray for his needs.

Please pray for guidance and wisdom as I have had to take over pastoring again of the house church I started here. I don’t plan to stay indefinitely but for now I am here and will need to get things in order before I move on so I will be here until at least the end of February.

A few days ago I started a new outreach here on Friday nights. Its an English bible study that basically explains Jesus and salvation to unbelievers. PTL that the first night we packed the small room out. That was a surprise because in the past its been hard to stir up much interest. The best part was that we had more guys show up. Usually in China its hardest to reach the guys, but this time at least half were young guys. We will do it again this Friday, please pray for it.

Other than that I ask your prayers as I have been sick in bed with food poisoning the last 2 days.